Release Notes



  • Added the command AA_GetValue to read the values of all kind of attributes
  • Added the command AA_SetValue to change the value of an attribute
  • The user is now informed when his certificate is about to be deprecated
  • Removed the Pro+ choice in the license window, since it is not going to be ready anytime soon
  • Improved the bi-directional catalog updates

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bugs fixed



  • Added an utility to help solving mismatch between model and catalog at opening (bi-directional updates).
  • Added the ability to create specific attributes to a catalog.

Bug fixes:

  • Crash with elbow components.
  • Accept empty lines in CSV files used for catalog definition.


  • Fixed the bug where two different computers had the same ID.


  • Default elbow selected set to an automatic class if available first time using a catalog



  • 'RP_Mirror' now included in the Pro Licenses
  • 'AA_Report' command fully scriptable.
  • 'AA_Report' let you change the template without restarting Rhino
  • 'RP_Iso3D' offer now customization for the ends of lines texts
  • Global Stability improved
  • 'RP_Iso3D' is now fully scriptable
  • Rhinopiping pop-ups will be sizable from now (choice of component, etc..)

Bug fixes:

  • A license bug used to occur when switching between Rhino 32 bits and Rhino 64 Bits. Now it is solved.
  • 'RP_Iso3D' views orientation fixed
  • 'RP_CC_CreateDressedItem' fixed (a bug used to remove a component)
  • 'RP_AddComponent' & 'RP_CreatePipeline': Fixed the bug due to linked blocks


  • We had to cancel the compatibility for Rhino 4. From now, it will run only with Rhino5 32/64 bits. A compatibility with Rhino6 should be available when it will be released.


The corresponding revision is 3256

  • fix crash in RP_CreateDressedItem: pipes are not allowed in dressed components.

0.9.27 (release candidate)


  • Traces management.
  • Add option _CoaxialSections in RP_DrawAxes.
  • Add command RP_Iso3D.
  • Add command RP_RemoveComponent.
  • Allow component attributes at root level.
  • Add option _SelectComponents in RP_AddComponent
  • _RP_SelectFreeEnds now selects among the pre-selection.
  • Snap management.
  • Allow same tabulated elbow class for several pipe classes.
  • Config files parsing enhancement.
  • Error management:
    • Piping elements connection problem when opening a model.
    • Catalog access rights.
    • Curvature elbow class duplicates.
    • Option _CreateCatalog when embedded catalog data are different.
    • RP_ChangeElbows.
    • Toolbar loading.
    • Icon directory.
    • Config files parsing.

Bug fixes:

  • Error "Attempt to unitize a null vector".
  • Add command RP_CC_ExportMissingShapes. Command posted after _UpdateCatalog when some exports failed.
  • Component stereotype embedding.
  • Straight end tapping.
  • Prevent from deleting a component which is used in an instantiated dressed component.
  • Dressed component embedding.
  • Option _UpdateModel for attribute value changes.
  • Component attribute values IO.
  • Embedded catalog data: detect attribute values change.
  • Dressed component reading.
  • Default dressed component name.
  • Implement aster parsing for "exotic" dimensions.
  • RP_CreatePipeline parameters management.
  • NPS parsing error.
  • "Flat" elbows creation attempt.
  • Tabulated curvature elbow class management.
  • Pipe length doubled when using _Tube _BothSide=True.
  • Crash with RP_Connect _ConnectAllMatchingCircles.
  • Check RP toolbars.
  • Crash with RP_CC_DeleteItem for a whole component family.


  • Error management in AA_Report template parsing.
  • Attributes are showed by
  • Add attribute value checking, according to specified type.

Older versions

See Release notes for older versions.

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