Release Notes


The corresponding revision is 3256

  • fix crash in RP_CreateDressedItem: pipes are not allowed in dressed components.

0.9.27 (release candidate)


  • Traces management.
  • Add option _CoaxialSections in RP_DrawAxes.
  • Add command RP_Iso3D.
  • Add command RP_RemoveComponent.
  • Allow component attributes at root level.
  • Add option _SelectComponents in RP_AddComponent
  • _RP_SelectFreeEnds now selects among the pre-selection.
  • Snap management.
  • Allow same tabulated elbow class for several pipe classes.
  • Config files parsing enhancement.
  • Error management:
    • Piping elements connection problem when opening a model.
    • Catalog access rights.
    • Curvature elbow class duplicates.
    • Option _CreateCatalog when embedded catalog data are different.
    • RP_ChangeElbows.
    • Toolbar loading.
    • Icon directory.
    • Config files parsing.

Bug fixes:

  • Error "Attempt to unitize a null vector".
  • Add command RP_CC_ExportMissingShapes. Command posted after _UpdateCatalog when some exports failed.
  • Component stereotype embedding.
  • Straight end tapping.
  • Prevent from deleting a component which is used in an instantiated dressed component.
  • Dressed component embedding.
  • Option _UpdateModel for attribute value changes.
  • Component attribute values IO.
  • Embedded catalog data: detect attribute values change.
  • Dressed component reading.
  • Default dressed component name.
  • Implement aster parsing for "exotic" dimensions.
  • RP_CreatePipeline parameters management.
  • NPS parsing error.
  • "Flat" elbows creation attempt.
  • Tabulated curvature elbow class management.
  • Pipe length doubled when using _Tube _BothSide=True.
  • Crash with RP_Connect _ConnectAllMatchingCircles.
  • Check RP toolbars.
  • Crash with RP_CC_DeleteItem for a whole component family.


  • Error management in AA_Report template parsing.
  • Attributes are showed by
  • Add attribute value checking, according to specified type.

0.9.26 (beta version)


  • RP_CC_CreateDressedItem replaces old component set by the new dressed component.
  • RP_CC_CreateItem instantiates the new component and the objects used to define it.
  • Integrates nominal sizes config file into the catalog.
  • Give latest version number.
  • Consistency between model and catalog:
    • Use a canonical tree structure for catalog config files (used when creating a catalog from a model).
    • Bugfixes when model and catalog don't contain the same definitions of components.
    • Enhance catalog updating (especially geometrical shape export).
    • Enhance model updating.
    • Allow to reuse an old component name for a new component (RP_AddComponent, RP_CC_DeleteItem, RP_CC_CreateItem and open model).
  • RP_CC_CreateDressedItem enhanced:
    • Selection enhanced: automatic closure, check it contains only components.
    • Add option _ExplodeAll
    • Change default name for dressed components: same place in the tree-structure, prefix "Dressed-".
  • Component choice in script mode.
  • RP_CreatePipeline: Allow straight tapping from a free point into a pipe.
  • Continuation with RP_CreatePipeline allows to shorten last pipe.

Bug fixes:

  • Crash in RP_ReplaceDiameter when a pipe has to be removed because of bigger elbows / components.
  • Freeze in RP_ReplaceDiameter
  • Input / output for dressed components.
  • Component block management enhanced (solved a few bugs).
  • Crash when opening a model containing a component missing in the catalog.
  • Forbid the deletion (RP_CC_DeleteItem) of a component which is instantiated in current model.
  • RP_CreatePipeline crash when neighbor pipe classes are different.
  • Crash when reopening a model containing components with stereotypes.

Minor changes:

  • Fix inconsistency in RP_CreatePipeline, Angle=Locked/Free.
  • Option renaming in RP_CreatePipeline/Offset.
  • Angle tolerance bug fix.



  • Project attributes (one value per attribute for the whole model).
  • Embed catalog data into models to allow opening of models without the fitting catalog.
  • GUI uses a tree view for piping class choice.
  • Error handling for missing piping classes.
  • AA_Report reloads the template if it is more recent than last loading.
  • New commands:
    • AA_AddLabel.
    • AA_Label: automatically names objects.
    • AA_LoadSpec: loads an additional attributes specification when using AA without RP.
    • RP_RebuildPipes for old models.
    • RP_RunPostedCommands.
  • Additional attribute names may not contain operators anymore ('+', '-', '*', '/', '%').

Bug fixes:

  • Elbow components usage.
  • Pipe diameters reading.
  • Consistency between RH tolerances and pipes thicknesses.
  • Error handling in AA_Report.
  • Catalog saving when using automatic components (like tappings).
  • Coupling consistency in RP_ChangeElbows.
  • Proposed diameters in RP_ReplaceDiameters.
  • Catalog loading under RH 5.
  • Crash with component elbow.
  • Pipes thickness drawing.
  • Consistency between RP_CreatePipeline options.
  • Old models opening.
  • RP_CreatePipeline robustness.
  • Component icon's path.
  • Angle choice in RP_Avoidance.

Older versions

See Release notes for older versions.

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